Spacing filling, box strengthening, alternative to packaging peanuts


Inflatable Packaging’s Void-Fill™ Bags are a revolutionary way of packaging your shipments. With no expensive or complicated machinery to buy, Void-Fill™ bags are ready to use right out of the box, and inflate by using compressed air and our high speed inflater. Void-Fill™ Bags are an alternative to messy bulk fillers like paper and peanuts, and offer the advantages of efficiency and space savings.

Just four boxes is equivalent to an entire truckload of peanuts. Because Void-Fill™ expands to fill all empty space, one size Void-Fill™ bag can be used for a range of boxes and products. Reduced product damage from enhanced internal box support minimize damage claims, and save you time and money. With the self-sealing, Void-Fill™ bags are reusable, and consistently provide a clean, professional solution every time. Inflatable Packaging’s Void-Fill™ bag system provides a convenient cost effective packaging solution whether you are a home business or a Fortune 500 company.

Void Fill Bag System - Sstainable. 95 percent source reduction. Reduced carbon footprint. Environmentally and user friendly. learn-about-the-6-cost-effective-b

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