January 2, 2021
January 2, 2021

The Fastest Growing Packaging Product, in Boston, MA – Fill Air Inflatable Packaging

The world is moving towards going green; however, the fill air inflatable packaging has become the fastest growing packaging product during the same time period.  Boston businesses are quickly discovering what makes it so special.

The undeniable king in shipping packaging, mainly for void fill and interior protective packaging, has been paper, but the product of choice has changed for several reasons.   Fill air inflatable packaging has demonstrated to be economical and extraordinarily effective in protecting valuable Boston product shipments.  Finally, when viewed from different perspectives, it is an environment-friendly solution.  Has your Boston, MA business considered switching from paper to fill air inflatable packaging?

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What is Fill Air Inflatable Packaging?

Fill air inflatable packaging are basically plastic bags or pillows inflated with air.  The air is forced into the plastic bag through the use of a specially designed piece of equipment, which is specifically designed with volume usage requirements.

To assist in minimizing inbound shipping costs and carbon footprint, for cost conscious Boston businesses, the packaging is delivered un-inflated.  This is a radical difference from other solutions such as pre-inflated bubble packaging or loose-fill products such as foam peanuts.  As a bonus, un-inflated bags can be stored requiring surprisingly little space in your Boston warehouse or at your packing stations.  Space, in Boston is limited, thus this a huge value add.

Fill air inflatable packaging is waterproof, which eliminates the “musty” smell often associated with some paper void fill products.  Their fill weight is noticeably light, thus particularly important in reducing shipping costs.  Additionally, they are versatile and can be reused many times, over extended periods which is great from an economic and environmental point of view.

The unfortunate effects on human hands, of paper products, are paper cuts or more serious repetitive motion type injuries.  These conditions are eliminated, and the surrounding area is practically dust-free.

Typical Yet Very Different Applications for Fill Air Inflatable Packaging – Boston

The applicable uses for fill air inflatable packaging are typical for most Boston businesses, but there are some big differences:

  • Void Fill — Shipping boxes are often larger than the products contained therein. The extra, or “air”, space is easily filled with fill air inflatable packaging.  If the box is sized correctly, then a minimum number of inflatable pillows will be needed.
  • Blocking and Bracing — This application is necessary with the product is heavy, possibly fragile, and often of high value. Shifting is anticipated, thus the objective becomes one of immobilization during shipment. Depending on the weight and size of the product being shipped an increase in the gauge or design of the fill air inflatable packaging may be required.

Sustainable Fill Air Inflatable Packaging Options – Boston

There is a large range of Fill air inflatable packaging options that make sense for businesses in Boston, from formulations to sizes and gauges.  However, there are a few important differences and points to consider:

  • Biodegradable vs Recycled — When using the gauge for comparison, recycled plastic tends to be a little less expensive than the typical biodegradable formulations. It all boils down to preference.
  • Recyclability — Yes, fill air inflatable packaging is recyclable, however, they will eventually wear out or deflate.
  • Size and Shape — Popular or stock products, like the 4″ X 8″ inflatable pillow, are regularly available. However, stock products are not feasible for unique needs.  Surprisingly, custom size and shape products are not as uncommon or expensive as one might think.  Ask one of our experts for more information.

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Fill Air Inflatable Packaging – Changing the Way Shipping is Done in Boston

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