January 2, 2021
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January 27, 2021

Do You Know What Inflatable Packaging is Made of? What Material is Used? – Boston, MA

For most in Boston, the answer would be a swift “Plastic”.  For the most part, that is the correct answer.  Inflatable packaging, which is also commonly referred to as “air pillows”, are a manufactured plastic product.  Specifically, they are manufactured from a non-abrasive poly.

Inflatable packaging, in Boston, is normally used for the shipping and cushioning of fragile items to prevent breaking in transit, or to fill the void between the container and the product.  The non-abrasive poly protects items from scratching and chipping, as well as being smashed or damaged.  This is extremely important to Boston area businesses.

Inflatable Packaging Material Options – Boston

For businesses in Boston, inflatable packaging material is available with many options provided by the flexibility of non-abrasive poly.  First, they come in many shapes and sizes.  Regularly spaced, air-filled hemisphere design further increases the options of shapes and sizes, from small to large.  Second, they are available in rolls, sheets, or individual strands of bubbles.

Inflatable packaging bubbles can come in single rolls of pockets or up to sixteen packets across and or greater.  The individual air pillows range from (3/16”), medium (5/16”) to large (1/2”).  Inflatable Packaging has larger size options and multiple shapes upon request.

All Inflatable Packaging offers a wide range of inflatable packaging to protect all of your items in transit.  We have the inflatable packaging any Boston business may need or require.

Inflatable Packaging Material Residential and Commercial Uses – Boston

Inflatable packaging has uses for both Boston residential and commercial environments.  Since inflatable packaging is dust-free, cleaner to use, durable, and long-lasting, the uses, in Boston, are little more obvious.  There is nothing worse than plastic peanuts flying everywhere around your home or shipping office.  They are perfect for protecting valuables, such as Christmas ornaments, during storage.

The rolls or sheets are clear for easy product identification and perfect for product protection during shipping.  They can line the inside of a mailing envelope for mailing delicate and small items.  The uses are limitless and customizable.  The diverse range of uses and a wide array of products available makes them a popular and useful shipping supply.  An easy choice for Boston residents and business owners.

Why is Inflatable Packaging Becoming More Popular in Boston?

The popularity of inflatable packaging, made with non-abrasive poly, is increasing simply because of its cost-effectiveness.  However, as good as cost-effectiveness is it is not the only reason.  They are durable but exceptionally light which means that they do not add any weight to your shipping costs.  The newer versions are biodegradable making them a popular “green” and eco-friendly product.

Inflatable Packaging Material – Changing the Way Shipping is Done

Reach out to the experts, in Boston, at Inflatable Packaging where air meets technology.  You can contact us at (203)426-2900 or complete our simple online request form.

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