December 30, 2022
January 17, 2023

Inflatable Foam Packaging and Shipping Customization for Indianapolis Businesses

Inflatable Foam Packaging provides every Indianapolis shipper the ability to use a product with unique customized cushioning properties.  Inflatable foam packaging is extremely versatile due to its ability to “mold” around the product being packaged.  The custom insert is made from the injecting of chemicals into a high-density polyethylene bag. Once mixed, the chemicals begin to foam up, expanding to surround the item and fill the outer container.

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Inflatable Foam Packaging – The Perfect Material for Different and Unique Indianapolis Shipping Configurations

Inflatable foam packaging is the perfect material for Indianapolis companies shipping fragile products in many different and unique configurations.  The foam easily fills the open space, between the box and the product, fully with a customized cushion.  The foam molds itself around the product even around sharp edges, corners, and odd shapes. Once the process is complete, the product is securely seated in a pocket of protection.

The inflatable foam packaging offered by Inflatable Packaging, Inc. offers a technologically advanced degree of product protection available in the Indianapolis Market.  It offers operators the ability to work smarter and more efficiently for maximum productivity while substantially reducing or eliminating damage expenses.  All in addition to its significantly small footprint, which maximizes space and cost efficiency, while increasing consumer confidence.

Technological Advantages of Inflatable Foam Packaging – Indianapolis

Inflatable Packaging, Inc. has taken extreme care and attention to produce the most cost-effective and time-efficient product using technologies designed with the Indianapolis operator in mind.  We are focused on simplifying the packaging process, reducing costs, and increasing productivity.

The technological advantages of inflatable foam packaging, for Indianapolis customers, include:

  • Better management of costs associated with consumables
  • The avoidance of downtime due to equipment malfunctions
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Confidence every package has the right level of protection
  • No huge capital expenditure

Technological advancements have made inflatable foam packaging available for every company that needs to ship unique and potentially valuable products.  Ensure every product arrives at its destination safe and sound.

Changing Indianapolis Shipping for the Better

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