All around protection using Airbag multi-chamber film
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Air Bag

All around protection using Airbag for complete protection.
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Void Fill

Offer the advantages of efficiency and space savings.
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Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage

Resilient dunnage bags for truck load stabilization
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Wine Shippers

Protect Wine, Spirit, and Beverage Bottles
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Polywoven Dunnage

Provides excellent load stabilization in trailer trucks, containers, ships and rail cars.
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We work with you to design our products to fit yours.
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IPI : Where Air Meets Technology

Where Air Meets Technology for GREENER Solutions

Inflatable Packaging manufactures a full range of inflatable packaging products that are designed to provide cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly void fill and protective packaging for a wide variety of products. In addition to our array of stock items, IPI has the technology to develop customized packaging solutions. With Inflatable Packaging you can reduce labor costs, protect your products better and decrease your carbon footprint!

Get Customized Solutions

Packaging requirements vary depending on industry needs.

We work with you to design our products to fit yours. Not only fit, but protect!