About Us

Inflatable Packaging

Inflatable Packaging has been producing quality sustainable packaging for nearly 20 years. Since our launch we have grown, providing inflatable packaging solutions for companies ranging from eBay-ers to Fortune 100 companies around the world. We stand by our commitment to continue to deliver innovation and sustainable packaging solutions for years to come.

  • 1993 - Inflatable Packaging incorporates and launches its first product, Void-Fill™
  • 1997 - En-Cap™ Sleeves are launched allowing for incapsulating protection
  • 1998 - Waffle Products are introduced providing a new level of cushion packaging
  • 2002 - Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage Bags are introduced raising the bar for performance and affordability for load stabilization
  • 2005 - Inflatable Packaging opens an additional manufacturing facility in Oxford, CT
  • 2006 - Lucid Air is launched providing a unique way to protect and present products in shipment
  • 2009 – IPI introduces Airbag™ multi-chambered protective packaging for failsafe protection and Airworks™ on demand packaging air pillows
  • 2010 - Airbag™ Wine Bags becomes an official IPI product line offering single, double, and triple packs for wine protection