Resilient dunnage bags for truck
load stabilization

Inflatable Packaging's Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage Air Bags combine excellent performance with considerable cost savings over competing dunnage bags. Air-Lock™ bags are designed to stabilize and secure truck loads in transit. Unlike paper or vinyl, IPI uses a transparent polymer film. This unique film gives Air-Lock™ bags lower weight and handling advantages. In addition to delivering superior performance, Air-Lock™ Dunnage bags provide the most sustainable (without separation) product in the industry.

  • Sustainable robust polymer clings to stretch film and is recyclable with stretch film bundle
  • Skip the landfill, and get paid to do it
  • Transparent bag inflates in less than 30 seconds
  • Simple, secure, proprietary "flat" valve system
  • Load stabilization for spaces up to 24 inches
  • Conforming structure replacing the inflexible and costly paper bags