Custom Built For Your Product
May 2, 2024

Picture a sheet of air inflated tubes, in lengths of 12”, 24”, 36” or 48”. Now picture that sheet of tubes wrapped around a new refrigerator or hot water heater. That would be Superi-Air protective packaging. Superi-Air is available in rolls of 820’ in the sizes shown above.

Once the shipper determines the outer dimension to wrap around the item, they measure that length off the roll and place a clip over the inflation channel and inflate the multi-chamber sheet of tubes to where the clip is affixed. Superi-Air inflation can also be automated for large volume users. See automation at . Then the item can be wrapped in the inflated protective layer and fastened with tape. If a tube gets punctured and fails, the rest of the tubes remain fully inflated providing the intended protection.

The rolls are uninflated and provide a 90% source reduction in storage space over Styrofoam,

bubble wrap, molded pulp and other bulky fillers and is 100% recyclable.